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Mana Tribe

I often reference of speak of my mana tribe. Mana can be closely related to the word "energy" but has a more in-depth meaning.

What is my mana tribe?

These are the people who develop you, contribute to who you have become, take care of you like a precious lei, teach you lessons, push you to be a better person, and believe in you.

My mana tribe is large because I acknowledge all of the people who have given to me my whole life. They make up my pīkake lei (which is my favorite lei). These include my teachers, friends, co-workers, supervisors, role models, family.

I humbly recognize that this tribe started the day I was born and continues today. Whatʻs more, it will continue to grow as I grow.

Some of my mana tribe are very aware of the impact they have had on me....some don't realize the depth of the impact they have had. Regardless, they have made me the person and woman I am today.

I mahalo (thank) them by doing the same for the younger generation. I have been a mentor, a guide, a supervisor, coach. My mana tribe contributes to how I lead and carry myself. I am a reflection of them and I pass on that reflection by offering the same guidance, support and love that they gave me.

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