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The biggest lesson I have learned in life

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

In my years on this Earth, I have been fortunate to have many great experiences in life. I have been given the opportunity to learn life lessons that have shaped me to be the person I am today. The best advice I have every been given is to recognize that in life we have control over really only 10% of what happens. Yes, as discouraging as it sounds, it's true. We spend time on trying to control the 90% that we do not have control of and sometimes forget about the 10% we do. Think about it: when we drive to work, we only have control over how we drive. We cannot control other drivers or whether or not there will be an accident on the way.

A colleague of mine shared this wisdom when I was the ripe age of 23. I will never forget how life changing this idea was. It allowed me to realize that I only had control over so much in life. My journey, who I surrounded myself with, how I reacted to sitations and the choices I made then became my focus.

My goal for this blog, is to share stories that make up who I am. I have had the extreme privilege of learning from wonderful people in my life. Each one of them shared their knowledge and wisdom with me in hopes that it would help me in life. Now, I do the same by sharing bits of my own life experiences and life lessons.

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